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Welcome to Cue1 Lighting.  Soon  NOW the most premier lighting community on the web. This is the place to be if you are looking for information concerning Lighting.  If you have no clue what anything on this site is, you have made a mistake on your journey through the web. 

Be sure to check out the chat that happens nightly, Our File Sharing library now has over 100 items!

Our Product Directory is now up and running!!! It's still in its beginning stages but with your help it can grow fast. If you have a product or know of a product please add it!

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Yokes, Mirrored, Scrollers ....
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Domes, Control.....
Conventional Lighting
Ellipsoidal, Pars, Fresnels....
Consoles, Computer....
Packs, Racks, ....
DMX 512 Products
Splitter, Transmitters....
Trussing, Lifts, Stands....
Special Effects
Foggers, Strobes, lasers...
Gels, Clamps, Lamps....
Design, Visualization Software

1/16- WYSIWYG files added to file library


1/13 - DMX512-A Standard Available for Purcahse

 10/19 - ETC and Cast Software announce new agreement
10/24 - New and Cool at LDI
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